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The National Urban Ministry Association


     The National Urban Ministry Association is a ministry organized as a 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation in the state of Tennessee.  The National Urban Ministry Association serves as a hub that provides resources, support, research, collaboration, and a voice for the poor, through a network of urban ministries and urban churches.


     We are a group of incarnational urban ministries and individuals networked together to fulfill the Great Commission through the church.


     NUMA is responsible for organizing the annual National Urban Ministry Conference.  If you are interested in being the host for the 2018 National Urban Ministry Conference please email or call us.


Who We Are

     We are Christians who are called by God to serve the city.  We join the work that God is already doing in the city to serve the poor and the lost.


     We care about the brokenness, hurt, pain, and the people who have no shepherd that we see in our cities.


     We believe that by the power of God through His Holy Spirit we can do something about it.


     In 2009, Jim Harbin believed he was led by God to call urban ministers to convene in St. Louis to the National Urban Ministry Summit  (NUMS).


     At the NUMS, urban ministers decided to reestablish the annual National Urban Ministry Conference.  Participants at the NUMS realized that an annual conference alone was not enough and decided to establish the National Urban Ministry Association.


     Jim Harbin is a graduate of Harding School of Theology and the Senior Minister of the Raleigh Community Church of Christ.  Jim and his wife Beverly planted the urban church in 1997.  Because of the outreach ministries of the Raleigh Community Church and Jim being embedded in the community and having an office without walls, many see him as a preacher for the community.


     Jim also serves with Agape Child and Family Services as a Site Coordinator for Powerlines Community Network (PCN) in Raleigh-Frayser of Memphis.  Through PCN, Jim serves in apartment communities by bring resources into the community that residents need.  Through Powerlines Community Network, Jim has been able to impact the poor living in Raleigh and Frayser. Jim leads the PCN efforts providing 14 Connectors and two Youth Outreach Specialists in 4 elementary schools, one middle school, and one high school in the Achievement School District.


     Jim is President of the nonprofit and is leading the effort to establish the National Urban Ministry Association as a powerful tool for helping urban ministries, churches, and nonprofits be successful through collaboration, partnership, research, and providing resources.




National Urban Ministry Association
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