National Urban Ministry Association

     The National Urban Ministry Summit was held in St. Louis, MO on November 19 - 20, 2009.  The summit was a great reunion of ministries from several states.  The event was extremely encouraging to urban workers.  Several new ministries were represented and through networking sessions learned how to better serve their communities.  The following cities were represented.


Abilene, TX

Houston, TX

Memphis, TN

North Little Rock, AR

Montgomery, AL

Raleigh, NC

Tulsa, OK

St. Louis, MO

Cincinnati, OH


Urban Ministries


Brooks Ave. Church of Christ

Raleigh Community Church of  Christ

Inner City Church of Christ

Impact Houston Church of Christ

River City Church

West Central Church of Christ

North City Church of Christ

Cincinnati Urban Ministry Outreach



Memphis Urban Ministry


     The National Urban Ministry Summit was a catalyst to get the National Urban Ministry Conference going again.  The Impact Church of Christ volunteered to host the 2011 National Urban Ministry Conference in Houston, TX.  For more information contact the Impact Church of Christ.


Impact Houston Church of Christ

1704 Weber

Houston, TX 77007


713.864.5869 Fax







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