The Spirit of the Lord is upon me because he has anointed me to preach good news to the poor.

Jim Harbin

Jim is the founder of the National Urban Ministry Association and a recognized national leader in urban ministry and the preacher for Raleigh Community Church of Christ.  He has expertise in empowering the poor and developing community collaborations and partnerships.  Jim is available for speaking engagements, including: leading workshops, seminars, and preaching.  Jim is available for consultation regarding urban and inner city ministry and planting urban or inner city churches.  #phuteia.

Jim can be booked by emailing Jim Harbin.

Booking Information

Booking Requirements

1. Accommodations and per diem.

2. Honorarium based on  length of stay and  the number of  presentations. 

3. Travel  expenses. (Plane tickets required when ground travel exceeds 6 hours).

4. Will speak pro bono at small churches and ministries, and some conferences and lectureships on a case by case basis.


Text Box: As a full time minister that serves the poor in Memphis on a daily basis, I would love to speak all over the world free of charge.  Unfortunately, it is not financially feasible for me to travel and speak  pro bono since my total financial support is through ministry.   I continue to  speak at the National Urban Ministry Conference and conduct workshops at events like the Pepperdine Bible Lectures pro bono; however, I cannot  afford to participate at all of the wonderful opportunities available across the country.