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Bible Study

9:30 am—10:30 am



10:45 am—12:00 pm




Virtual Bible Class

6:30 pm—7:30 pm


Raleigh Community Church

4748 New Allen Road

Memphis, TN  38128

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Admission Requirements:


Parents wishing to enroll their child at Raleigh Community Christian Child Care Center will be accepted as follows:


  • Child must be at least 6 weeks of age and less than 5 years of age.
  • First priority given to single parents and/or low income families
  • No child shall be admitted unless she or he has received a complete age appropriate medical examination, including but not limited to: medical history, physical examination, and current immunizations.


Payment of Tuition


Payment may be made by one of the following:


  • Department of Human Services (DHS) Families First Certificates
  • Cash, Check, or Money Order
  • PayPal, Master Card, Visa, or American Express


All admission documents must be completed prior to acceptance.



Children age 6 weeks to 5 years old will be accepted in the program.


Hours of Operation:

Monday-Friday 6:00 am-6:00 pm


Number and type of meals and snacks served:

Breakfast, lunch, and two snacks are provided.

Raleigh Community Church of Christ Ministries

We are a compassionate community of faith reconciling the world by making disciples.

Raleigh Community Church of Christ Ministries