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Eight Urban Ministry Strategies


     What does it take to have an effective transformative urban ministry?  Depending on who you talk to you will find different answers.  The starting point is to understand the vision God has for the city.  Isaiah 61:1-11 describes the transformation that is to take place in the city.  The transformative image painted by God through the prophet Isaiah is called shalom.  Shalom is the Hebrew word translated “peace.”  Shalom is more than a simple peace as the absence of violence.  Shalom is the “reversal of human alienation from God, from creation, and from one another.” In addition, “because shalom is the end of poverty, injustice, and exclusion, to seek the shalom of the city is to work to reverse the effects of sin and the Fall on the city and to proclaim the news of One who comes in peace.”[i]


     Holistic and strategic planning are needed to successfully reach lost people and restore the shalom of God in the city.  There are at least eight urban ministry strategies that are required for transformation in the city to occur.   This does not mean that a single urban ministry has to offer each of these as programs.  It does mean; however, that partnerships must be formed in order for these eight strategies to be implemented.  These strategies are not optional.   Some urban ministries are struggling to have a transformative impact in the community because they lack one or several of these vital components.  The eight urban ministry strategies are listed on the right:




[i] Gornik, Mark R., To Live in Peace: Biblical Faith in the Changing Inner City, p.103.



Eight Urban Ministry Strategies






Church Planting




Community Development


Leadership Development






Servant Care





Eight Urban Ministry Strategies




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