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Dr. R. Drew Smith

Beyond the Boundaries: Low-Income Residents, Faith-Based Organizations and Neighborhood Coalition Building


     Dr. R. Drew Smith is Professor of Urban Ministry, Pittsburgh Theological Seminary and Scholar-in-Residence, Leadership Center at Morehouse College.  In February 2013, Dr. Smith visited Memphis and  interviewed Jim Harbin regarding the National Urban Ministry Association, Memphis Urban Ministry, the Raleigh Community Church, Powerlines Community Network led by Agape Child and Families Services, and other urban ministries.  His research published in 2003 entitled Beyond the Boundaries is important for understanding collaborations.


"The Faith Communities and Urban Families Project grows out of an interest in social processes, social networks and institutional resources that potentially contribute to the developmental needs of families within high poverty neighborhoods.  But for congregations to serve as effective resources to low-income families, meaningful interactions between these congregations and families have to take place."  (Brief excerpt from the Executive Summary)


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