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The National Urban Ministry Association recommends books that we believe will assist urban workers in serving the city.  We recommend books that are written by a variety of authors that provide content that will be useful in transforming lives in our cities.  We do not endorse every idea or thought.  It is up to each individual to glean from these resources the material that is relevant to their urban ministry, organization, or church.


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Featured Resource on Poverty

     Sweating it Out explores poverty in the United States through the viewpoints and arguments of academic and political "experts," low-income adults from Louisiana, and the Bible and Christian theologians. Each group presents their theories on poverty, the groups affected by poverty, and how the problem of poverty should be addressed. In detailed chapters, Michael Landon presents each group's opinion on the causes of poverty, which include stress or mental illness, personal irresponsibility, social injustice, and family upbringing, among others. Sweating it Out is not only an investigation of poverty in America, but a resource for people of faith, academics, politicians, social workers, and low-income Americans on how to combat poverty.


     Dr. Michael Lee Landon is Minister of the Groton Church of Christ in Groton, Connecticut. He received his M.A. in Ministry from the Harding Graduate School of Religion, and his Ph.D.  is in Intercultural Studies from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. In addition, he studied at Faculdade de Teologia Nossa Senhora de Assuncao (Our Lady of Assumption Seminary) in Sao Paulo, Brazil. He is the author of numerous scholarly articles addressing poverty, community development and outreach, and the responsibility of Christians.



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