National Urban Ministry Association

The Urban Landscape

     The inner city is changing rapidly through urban renewal.  The goal of most cities appear to be to  revitalize the downtown areas through projects like Hope VI.  In this model, municipal housing authorities systematically tear down projects and rebuild in their place mixed housing developments.  Conventional apartment complexes have in transitional areas have become the new low income dwelling places or sometimes the new projects.


     Conventional apartments now accept government vouchers called Section 8.  Some apartment complexes that did not accept government vouchers now are exclusively Section 8.  Individuals with Section 8 vouchers typically meet the guidelines for poverty.


     A perhaps unforeseen consequence of urban renewal has been the dispersion of individuals living in poverty away from resources that were situated near the inner city projects.  Many of these families don't have reliable transportation  to get them to the resources they need.


     A new model of ministry is to bring resources to apartment communities through site based services.  Through collaborative partnerships agencies bring a laundry list of resources to residents living in apartment communities.  These resources take the form of services which include medical examinations, screenings for high blood pressure and diabetes, dental and vision care.   School aged children receive school uniforms and backpacks filled with school supplies.



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